Tusker’s ‘Team Kenya’ Campaign attracted over 2 million players.


The Tusker beer brand is owned by East African Breweries. It is the highest selling beer brand in Kenya and the largest African beer brand in the Diageo Group. The beer’s slogan is ‘Bia Yangu, Nchi Yangu’, which means ‘My Beer, My Country’. 

The strategic objective of the ‘Team Kenya’ campaign was to reinforce and strengthen the brand and to position Tusker as being synonymous with Kenyan pride in the build up to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. 

The campaign resulted in the highest sales of Tusker in over 5 years and helped the ‘Team Kenya’ campaign to become the first Kenyan winner of a Mobile Marketing Association Smarties award.

The Brief

As well as targeting a short-term sales increase, Tusker sought to build lasting, trust-based relationships with their loyal consumers. It was imperative that 'Team Kenya' would use a simple entry mechanic accessible to all devices and that the rewards on offer were relevant.

Brandtone designed a campaign that had strong above the line advertising backing. It was crucial that this campaign would enable Tusker to take advantage of the strong media support. ‘Team Kenya’ would also have to tie in to key sporting events in the Kenyan calendar such as the New York Marathon, World Athletics Championships and the World Rugby 7’s.

The Campaign

Because of the low smartphone penetration in Kenya, Brandtone registered participants via USSD, helping Tusker to stay accessible to the vast majority of their target market across the country (USSD had been used by 99% of target consumers in the previous month). The simplicity and availability of USSD was a key factor in the huge response rate achieved.

After sending their unique code, consumers completed profiling questions: e.g. age, location and purchasing habits. Importantly, they were also asked for permission for future communication. This allowed Brandtone to build a database of proven buyers who showed an interest in being contacted by Tusker and engaging further with the brand. Once profiling was completed, participants were rewarded with M-Pesa credit, allowing them to ‘Raise a Tusker to Team Kenya’.

During the re-engagement stage Brandtone sent SMS messages to customers during key events in the Kenyan sporting calendar. SMS is the preferred channel of communication for those using feature phones in Kenya and the co-ordination of messages with these events associated Tusker with Kenyan success. SMS was also used to notify participants of rewards, increasing loyalty and driving further sales.

The Results

The ‘Team Kenya’ campaign has been a resounding success with over 2.3 million entries, resulting in a database of over 1.6 million who can be communicated with into the future. This exceeded the target entry number of 1.5 million and in fact, over 1 million entries were received in the first two weeks. 

  • Highest sales in over 5 years
  • 2.3 million entries
  • 1.6 million permissioned profiles