What we do

We bring together mobile technology, data insights and marketing expertise to help brands grow connections, deepen relationships and achieve sustained growth in sales and market share.

Our mobile engagement programs connect brands with their consumers and the independent traders that serve them.

Connect at Scale

We help you create large databases of proven brand buyers. Our team of experts will enable you to incentivise and motivate consumers to purchase. Our Trader solution can grow your brand's reach through independent stores.

Measure & Optimise

Konnect, our reporting platform, provides results in real-time, giving you full visibility of your program performance and customer insights, allowing you to react instantly.

Build Relationships

We don’t stop at growing your customer connections. We have an insights-driven approach that helps you to re-engage with your key segments in a highly targeted, personalised and programmatic way.

Achieve Objectives

Our Consumer and Trader Solutions can drive a range of business objectives; from growing sales and market share to launching new products and building loyalty. We start with your business needs and tailor a solution that’s right for you.